Customer Centric

My customers are important to me. When we are working together, their goals become mine and I’m committed to guide and help them to work out their challenges.

Professional Services

Following an agile project management methodology, Onmyown is able to adapt to your planning and take into account your obligations.
Maybe the most important : we guarantee you results.

Latest Tech

All of Onmyown solutions are based on cutting edge technologies and practices like HTML5, DevOps or multi cloud deployment to capitalize on the latest improvements.That’s why we are able to deliver in a robust, reliable and efficient manner.


Server management, collaborative tooling maintenance, applications deployment, systems backup… One or more of these terms seems barbaric to you? No worries, that’s absolutly normal, like many companies you probably had to manage problematics that you weren’t armed to fully understand and resolve. Either because you didn’t have the internal resources available or because of some skills missing.

This time is over, thanks to Onmyown you can now focus on your core activities. I have created this company to help businesses like yours solve challenges by bringing my expertise into the game.

You will be working with a tech enthusiast and proactive professional, always on the path to improve myself, Onmyown products and services.

It is my mission to help you to move forward.


Onmyown is providing services in these 4 main domains


I am providing a wide range of web services. These services include web development, website auditing, Domain Name management…


My aim is to offer businesses the tools they need to be performant. It goes from a single mailbox for independents to enterprise grade solution managing mails, doc, team sites in a centralised place.


Want to move to the cloud? I will put my expertise at your service to help you avoid the common migration, architecture and maintenance pitfalls by advising you the best solution for each of your workload.


Want to deliver software more often, more efficiently, in a more agile way, with more resiliently? I will help you defining a strategy to release the DevOps way, help you with the cultural shift and the tooling implementation.

What I do

Onmyown provides innovative IT solutions to businesses like yours (packaged offer, collaborative tooling, ...). All of the work is delivered with a highly professional spirit and built with evolution and resiliency in mind.

Why choose us

From the most common issues as mailbox managment or server server managment, to biggest challenges like building your entire IT system, our team can manage your projets, guide your internal teams, ...

If Onmyown does not already have a solution to your issue, our experienced technical expert will be able to help you to move forward on any topic.

Moreover, all the relations we have with our customers are based upon trust and continuous feedback. Each of our project begin with a solution assessment, on which a clear pricing is based.


Do not hesitate to drop us an email or a call to discuss about your project. We are always happy to help :)

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